Design the Perfect Ba Room

Design the Perfect Ba Room

Article by Maurice

Design the Perfect Baby Room - Family - Babies

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Setting up your infant's room is quite the exciting adventure. Every thing starts off with discovering the right furniture, bed, and wall decor. Furniture is by far the most important in determining the layout and feel of the space. Once you've chosen the crib and crib canopy, you will want to choose matching furniture. What I mean by matching is that you will need the shades of the wooden or iron crib to be complemented by your furniture. If you don't like a lot of decisions and want your baby's furniture to match exactly, there are a large amount of sets to choose between. However, if you are planning to showcase the colors in your crib, there is lovely baby furniture in every style and color you can imagine. Just be certain that the color of your baby's room is a decent backdrop for the pieces of furniture. Speaking of color, you could choose to either go solid or go mural. Colorful and bright accessories look good against a solid color. With murals, the options are endless. You could make your ceiling look like the sky and your floor like grass, or you could paint a jungle scene as a backdrop to the crib. Simple accessories accent murals best.

When you have the ideal wall color for your crib and crib canopy with matching furniture, you can move on and pick the best bed linen. Bedding is an excellent place to start in deciding exactly what the remainder of the baby room accessories are going to be. For example, a jungle theme will have jungle animal bedding, together with a matching blanket, bumper, dust ruffle, and valance. There are even places where you can purchase a matching diaper stacker and wall hangings, which will be sure to make your redecorating process a piece of cake.

Now imagine your baby girl's name written in delicately carved pink letters hanging above her crib. Perhaps a few framed pictures of a giraffe, monkey, and rhino would be great over your boy's crib. You can have your pick of creative wall hangings that will make your child's room brimming with unique character. To complement your style, you could get a safari wall shelf for your boy's stuffed animals, or hooks carved to appear like crowns for your little princess. Be sure to chose the perfect picture frame for his/her little foot prints or baby's first day home. The number of choices are limitless so have fun with it.

After you have the right crib with a matching crib canopy, your furniture, and the rest of your wall decorations, you have the of finding those last few extras for your baby's room. Window covers, lamps, rugs and various other miscellaneous items will complete the scene and help make your baby's room not just a piece of artwork but a place of complete peace and harmony.

Exactly how much sunshine comes into your baby's room will identify what type of window covering you should have. If there is going to be direct sunlight, then you could pick a floor to ceiling cloth panel that's heavy enough to filter out all light or try a cordless roman shade. For those sunny days, choose a complementary sheer curtain that will give you that perfect touch of elegance. Select from a range of curtain rods with fragile glass butterflies, flowers, or stars on the ends to add the ultimate touch.

Proper lighting for your baby's room is critical. Nice gentle light for waking your baby up and bright light for changing diapers is beneficial for both you and your baby. There are two ways to accomplish this. One is to invest in a dimmer switch for your ceiling light to make sure you control the amount of brightness. The other way is to have lamps that you can switch on when you don't want those strong ceiling lights. From zebra-print to lace, a few lamps always allow for more creativity, with their numerous styles.

Evaluating design and sturdiness is essential when looking for the perfect rug. Consider just how long you need that rug to last. Do you want to keep the same rug for more than one child? Is the child going to be playing mostly in his/her room, or does the child have a separate play area? Is this rug going over a hardwood floor or carpeted floor? For a hardwood floor, you might want a very cushy and soft rug that will be the best play area. With a carpeted room, thickness won't be as much of an issue, and you might want several small rugs as highlights.

Storage containers like baskets are another concern in the quest for good design and versatility. Baskets of all types of materials may be used as long as they fit into bookcases and can easily be labeled. Mirrors, cute mobiles, wall clocks, growth charts and decorative dresser nobs are all fantastic ways to add unique character to the baby's room. Most importantly, don't forget to make your baby's room a place where precious memories will be made.

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If you liked this article and want to see more reviews and info about modern cribs check out

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